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There is a link between COVID-19, antimalarial drugs, malaria and blood type: people with blood type 0 are less likely to be infected with both COVID-19 and malaria, while those with blood type A get sicker and more seriously.

A Chinese study, published on March 27, 2020, finds correlations between blood types and severity of the effects of COVID-19.

A new preliminary study has found correlations between blood group and the likelihood of being hospitalized with COVID-19.

In the new study researchers compared the AB0 blood group distribution in 2,173 patients with COVID-19 confirmed by SARS-CoV-2 test from three hospitals in Wuhan and Shenzhen, China with that in normal people from the corresponding regions.

The results showed that blood group A was associated with a higher risk for acquiring COVID-19 compared with non-A blood groups, whereas blood group 0 was associated with a lower risk for the infection compared with non-O blood groups.

This is the first observation of an association between the AB0 blood type and COVID-19.

It should be emphasized, however, that this is an early study with limitations.
It would be premature to use this study to guide clinical practice at this time, but it should encourage further investigation of the relationship between the AB0 blood group and the COVID-19 susceptibility.

It has long been known that people with blood type O are protected from dying of severe malaria.

In a study published on 9 March 2015 in Nature Medicine, a team of Scandinavian scientists at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, wanted to find out why people with blood group 0 are protected against the most violent forms of malaria, while those of other groups, such as group A, fall more easily into a coma and die.

Researchers explain the mechanisms behind the protection that blood type O provides, and suggest that the selective pressure imposed by malaria may contribute to the variable global distribution of ABO blood groups in the human population.

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Relationship between the ABO Blood Group and the COVID-19 Susceptibility

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Relationship between the ABO Blood Group and the COVID-19 Susceptibility
Jiao Zhao, Yan Yang, Hanping Huang,Dong Li, Dongfeng Gu, Xiangfeng Lu, Zheng Zhang, Lei Liu, Ting Liu, Yukun Liu, Yunjiao He, Bin Sun,Meilan Wei, Guangyu Yang, Xinghuan Wang, Li Zhang, Xiaoyang Zhou, Mingzhao Xing, Peng George Wang.


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