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Are statins good or bad for sex?
Many people take statins to keep their blood cholesterol levels under control, and sometimes we read about more or less independent studies that prove their benefits or dangers.

As often media and social media tell us everything and the opposite of everything, but the reality is simpler than it seems, let’s see it.

The relationship between statins and male sexual problems is addressed by several studies and, depending on the research cited, it is concluded that statins help or that make erection more.

Statins help overcome erectile problems because keeping cholesterol levels low improves blood flow and perhaps also because they improve the availability of nitric oxide, that affects vasodilation and the transmission of nerve impulses by dilating the vessel walls.

But statins can also lower blood levels of testosterone, a hormone needed for an erection.

The conflicting outcomes of scientific studies were of no benefit to the public, probably because, as often happens in scientific research, they took too few factors into account.
And the end users of this information were left without answers.

A meta-analysis was conducted to shed light on the subject, and it was concluded that statins are virtually irrelevant to male sexuality.

In the absence of new information, it is likely that the old rule still applies: the effects differ from person to person, and each individual should evaluate the indications, advantages and disadvantages linked to consuming statins with their doctor, as they would with any other treatment.

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For more information
Statins and Male Sexual Health: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis

The Journal of Sexual Medicine
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“The Effect of Statins on Erectile Dysfunction: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials”
(Full-text. First published online: March 29, 2014)

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