Effect of oscillation on perineal pressure in cyclists (2)

The role of micro-trauma while cycling has long been postulated to contribute to perineal numbness in both men and women cyclists and potentially to ED in men cyclists.

In this study, researchers demonstrate a strong correlation between oscillation and increases in perineal pressure over baseline.

They also show an absolute pressure increase of 27% over baseline when pedaling and of 19% over baseline when not pedaling with 1.5g of oscillation.

In both men and women, small anatomical areas corresponding to bony landmarks received a disproportionate amount of pressure.

A spring-based seatpost shock absorber produced a substantial reduction in the effects of oscillation in the stationary condition, indicating a role for further investigations to assess if perineal-specific shock absorption reduces perineal maladies experienced by cyclists.

Effect of oscillation on perineal pressure in cyclists

To evaluate the relationship between oscillation forces and perineal pressures among cyclists in a simulated laboratory setting researchers recruited a total of 39 individuals (29 men and 10 women).

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Effect of Oscillation on Perineal Pressure in Cyclists: Implications for Micro-Trauma


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