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E-cigarettes may be a gateway to smoking tobacco and experimenting with drugs: the results of a surveys – lead by Hongying Dai of Children’s Mercy Hospital and the University of Missouri-Kansas City – of more than 10,000 youth ages 12 to 17, show that younger teens aged 12 to 14 were were 2.7 times more likely to smoke pot once they tried vaping, while the odds of marijuana use were 1.6 times higher for older adolescents who used e-cigarettes.

Dai’s team surveyed teens twice, one year apart.

Among youth who didn’t use marijuana at the start of the study, 27 percent who admitted using e-cigarettes had moved on to pot one year later, compared to only 8 percent of those who hadn’t tried vaping.

Heavy marijuana use was also more common among the youth who had tried e-cigarettes, researchers report in Pediatrics.

We must rimember that teens might use the devices to vape marijuana, which could lead them to become addicted to a stronger and more potent form of marijuana.

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Electronic Cigarettes and Future Marijuana Use: A Longitudinal Study

University of Missouri-Kansas City


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