How to prepare the only one and real Tiramisù, originally from Treviso, Italia, where it is known as Tirame sù.

Tiramisù, which in Italian means “lift me up”, is a very delicious cake that, as stated in its very name, helps you recover your strenght in general and… in a particular way too! Here’s the true original recipe. Period. The others are just variations, maybe very good, even excellent, but they are not the original formula. “Tiramisù” has become worldwide famous, and many claim its paternity, but as you know, when talking about the pleasures of the flesh, there is no certainty about who is the father…
According to my direct experience, the city of its origin should really be Treviso, which, as probably unknown to most, has a great tradition as a place dedicated to the pleasures of love. A famous film from the ‘60s, “Signore e Signori” (Ladies and gentlemen), well describes the inclination of its inhabitants for sex.
In the old days, in Treviso, “Tirame sù” used to be famous also because it was served by the madam of a brothel to her customers, in order to let them recover their strenght and keep spending money on the premises, and it is easy to understand why: beaten fresh egg yolk and sugar is a known tonic with quick effects. Adding Savoiardi finger biscuits made it a bit easier to digest, coffe, another ingredient, is a stimulant, as well as cocoa, and finally fresh mascarpone cheese is irresistible… As in all recipes, correct ingredients and doses are very important, and you will find them in the instructions below the video.


The other recipes...

Original recipe of Tirame-sù or Tiramisù
Ingredients for 5 people
6 egg yolks
500 grams (1 lb. 2 oz.) of white sugar
500 grams of mascarpone cheese
0,5 (half a quart) liter of black coffee
30 Savoiardi fingers biscuits
Bitter cocoa powder
Note: for a high quality cuisine, always use only natural fresh ingredients..

Beat the egg yolks with a whisk, while adding sugar.
Once a well whipped foam is obtained, add the mascarpone cheese and mix it until a soft cream is obtained.
Dip the finger biscuits one by one in the coffe at room temperature, without soaking them excessively, and lay them on a high borders serving plate forming a first layer. Cover them with the egg and mascarpone cream. Repeat the operation in the same sequence until you have used all the ingredients.
Put in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 hours before serving
Just before serving the Tiramisù sprinkle its surface with plenty of bitter cocoa powder.

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( Marco Dal Negro )



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