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Vampires and donors

Vampires and donors, and all that stands in between, that is, practically everyone.

Two pulses, two needs: give and take, present in all humans and not only.

The two movements toward and from, introversion and extroversion, implosion and explosion, we and others. A difficult balance to understand, to accept and to live. Because we want without giving, like a baby. Yet, there's someone who can give without asking. They are a lot less, that's true, but they're much happier. Did you ever notice ? But you can't ask everyone to do so just like that, unexpectedly ! Who knows, a thought worth thinking....

Then there are the vampires, those who take, take, take to no end, never being satisfied.

For these people, everything is taken for granted, like for a newborn, only that they aren't anymore. Maybe they haven't noticed it. It's certainly a big problem for them, because we have the duty to defend ourselves. Let's remeber "love thy next as you would love yourself", not less, but neither more. And, if we want to do something good for them, by not giving, we'll oblige them to face the reality of life and the fundamental rules around which everything revolves.

We'll help them grow, make progress, understand how foolish and damaging their behavior is, how it's against others. And if others have a negative reaction it's their right.

This is the illness of those who don't want to grow, who don't have the right conception of justice necessary to live together.

The roles of giving and taking exist for them too, but they are the ones who must take! Maybe, with them giving is not always right. Perhaps it is better to give to others, all the others. At least, we will not allow them, the vampires, to take all, just some, so that we can give everybody else some.

As a child, I was touched by a phrase of my father " three things can't be hidden: intelligence, generosity and a belly." It's true, and in this case we can say that if a person is generous we can see it, feel it, and love it.

Marco Dal Negro