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The original balance

The organism is a complex system which continuously tends towards the balance of its original configuration.

The interaction with the outside and the world around us, brings continuos variations and unbalances, to which the system reacts by trying to recover balance. Also eating, breathing and every other function necessary to the life of the system, are part of this, like the simple exchange of cells and every physical-chemical process. Every change, like living, is a continuos sequence of changes, unbalance and rebalance.

This is living, and every change, every movement implies energy.

So, the system is , substancially, conservative and lives off small constant changes. By this it doesnít mean that major changes, even very important ones, arenít possible, but the system resists, trying continously to find a balance which allows it to live.

We can say that, in order to change the configuration we need really important stimuli or repeated stimuli, like a drop of water that bores a rock.

In any case, the instinct of life, of survival, (eros), is usually much stronger than the instinct of death (tanathos). When it isnít like this, indeed, the system is weaker, it defends itself less and it can get to the point of becoming agressive, to the extent of self-destruction.

The quantity of eros and tanathos changes in every being, in any period. To avoid incomprehensions it is better not to forget it.

Marco Dal Negro