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Scale of values

Keep in mind the scale of values. We all should have them and follow them.

If something is more important than something else, then be it ! It isn't absolutely banal and obvious as it may seem. Try to verify if, for you it's always true, that, what is more important truly is!

We should all have some scale of values because they help us live better, as long as we have created them. Which means that the first step is realizing on a conscious level the one we already have, trying then to understand if we really are in agreement with it.

If necessary we can modify or turn it upside down, the important thing is to believe in the values we're following. Convincing ourselves, is useless. Only if truly ours, because created by us, or re-elaborated or metabolized and reconfirmed if pre-existing, we can really follow them and this will give us a great deal in return.

The scales of value indicate what we consider to be most important and what has less value. Because to someone else they might be completely different often from these diversities could come misunderstandings which cause damage and unpleasantness.

Understanding that we are all different from each other, one group from another, a population from another, learning to respect each other reciprocally can surely help us live better.

Marco Dal Negro