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The need of uniqueness

The need to exist, at least for something, different from anyone else is a little more complex to comprehend. For the moment, let's suppose that this diversity didn't exist.

I believe that the first sensation would be fear of not existing, as if in some way our existance was necessary because of that difference that, distingueshes us from others, as if it were necessary. Because we all need to feel necessary. If we were all alike, which other people's need would our existance satisfy?

So, also the need of unicity ends again in the need for sociality. But we could also have the necessity of feeling unique so to have a role, a better position in the group, to be chosen, to have more power, in every sense, even undirectly.Every individual is unique. It's obvious being the result of the meeting of two unique genetical patrimonies, and from the meeting of this result's interactions with the surrounding environment.

This unicity is something many, or maybe all, care for. On the other hand, it's something even more demanding and, often, it is difficult to completely understand and accept.But that's not all. If we want to make a step foward, we need to learn to "respect" uniqueness.

This is the way to do it:

  • understand that we are all unique

  • know our uniqueness

  • accept it

  • respect it (therefore, respect ourselves)

We have to keep track of our uniqueness in the formation of our ideas, and when trying to understand ourselves and the relationship we have with others. This type of approach also helps us in relationships with others, because "everyone" has their uniqueness, and only keeping account, both of ours and of others, can we understand how to maintain relationships, of every kind.

Marco Dal Negro