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Like others

The need to feel part of a group, not different, is in some way part of man's nature, even if some, for certain long or short periods of time, want to detach themselves, separate from the group, so to be "a loner".

It's the conflict between the need to be unique and the need to belong to a group, so to be sociable. These two coexisting needs of human beings, are differently combined, according to the different cultures. In some ways, we can observe that it is easier for populations with more creativity to have developed the need of uniqueness, while those less creative have a more developed sense of belonging to the group. In any case, whether more consciously or unconsciously, the two needs coexist in each and every one of us.

The need to belong to a group has consciously originated, due to the inadequateness of the human being to live alone. A human, placed on a desert island , doesn't have much future. A part from the difficulty to find food, defend himself from eventual aggressions from nature, he or she in addition to this must cure him/herself when sick. He/she doesn't have a future because, he/she can't reproduce. With his/her death, everything finishes.

Every living specie has the inborn instinct of survival of the itself, a kind of "Eros" of the group (don't misunderstand me), which has evolved in time, according to the needs. Like for the single individual, when a group develops a tanathos superior to the Eros, it extinguishes, and disappears.

Marco Dal Negro