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Holding out stress

The capability of holding out stress and frustrations is directly proportional to the gratification we receive. That is: the same stress and the same frustrations that in a certain moment seem unbearable, would weigh less (on us) if we had more gratifications.

The less they weigh, the more gratifications we receive. Like some sort of war, the more strength we have, less can our enemy overcome us. So, we have to find the way to gratify ourselves. Not necessarily with big things, but also with small ones. It's like a big tank with holes in it (frustrations) which has to be kept full, adding water (gratifications). We can open a big faucet or various small jets, it's important to compensate the leakage.

Often we're not in a situation which allows great gratifications, because this implies hard work from the beginning ( usually long and very committing), a large amount of luck and other additional things to add to what we normally have done, to obtain that extra gratification that we need. If it could have been possible, probably we would have already done it. Meanwhile, to obtain small gratifications, everything is much easier because we are able to find many, everywhere. It's much easier to achieve small goals, and on many occasions it's all about changing ones point of view, to have a more positive approach.

In general, with a bit of attention, we could gratify ourselves surely more than we already do. It's a positive cycle that grafts: more gratifications give us more strength to face all the adversities, obtaining greater results from which we draw more strength...and so on.

Marco Dal Negro