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There are some concepts that are very relatively and extremely personal: the concept of excess is one of these.

Regarding excess, there are substantially two opposite approaches that belong to two ways of being. The first, supported by statistics and scientific data, states that excess, troubles the being. It tires and deteriorates the quality of life. The second, supported as the first, states that excess, obliging the being to change, keeps it more flexible, strengthens it, allowing it to override those difficulties much more easily. This is very important in a period in which the quickness, the quantity and the quality of the changes grow exponentially. 

This excess must be reversible and not self-destructive, you must be able to quickly and surely counterbalance it. Excess has to be good, not to hurt ourselves nor anybody else, and sporadic, so it doesn’t become a constant. Otherwise everything in this page is nonsense. Probably it's better to exceed sometimes, helping the system to balance, compensating consciously the excess, rather than living in the mean, perhaps with some poisonous habits, that, in some way, cause more trouble for the system breaking up in a permanent way the original configuration. Excess is, in this sense, an element of vitality, exercise and food for flexibility, so a greater possibility of surviving in a very dynamic world.

As always, this rule doesn’t apply to everyone. There will be those who prefer not to risk the impact with big problems, and those who prefer risking the shortening of the cycle of life. But being more capable and prepared in adapting oneself toward what is new. What is important, is for everyone to live in harmony with themselves, this way they will also respect other people.

Marco Dal Negro