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Just what kind of air are we breathing?

Very often in offices, hotels (even luxury ones), shopping centres, houses, hospitals, cinemas, ariplanes, ie. in places where air is conditioned or with central heating, we breathe a quantity of poisons that we can hardly imagine.

To which should also be added the toxic vapours released by paints and solvents used for cleaning and the moulds which abound in wallpaper.

The last warning comes from an article of the Wall Street Journal which examines the situation of some famous hotels, with overall disheartening results.
The press has repeatedly dealt with this issue in the latest years. (For further info, go to the web address http://www.mybestlife.com/search.htm and search both internally and externally to the site).

But is it possible that no one cares about the air we breathe in closed places? That at the worst someone makes such a fuss against cigarette smoke as in a crusade and with punitive spirit, maybe convinced of being the God of the Christian Old Testament, in evident contrast with the reality of human misery?

And what about the rest?

It's no news that for cost reasons the filters of the conditioning plants are often inadequate and do not get the necessary maintenance when losing their efficacy.

The "legionary's disease", an illness which can be fatal, and which is caused by central plants, is known to the public.

The solvents of paints and components of detergents for the home can create big damage to health, this has been known for years (see http://www.mybestlife.com/bio-architecture)

Doing something to improve this state of thing, however, is hard, it takes attention, it forces us to think, and then what are we to do?

Well, we all have to do something to get some results!

Too often we forget that we hold the most powerful of weapons: money. If we stop buying a product, our local shop will replace it, and the producer will stop producing it. Money, then. All our money makes the capital and gains of big and small companies: let's use it then to get products and services that benefit and not harm us. It only depends on us: it's us who open and close the purse. If we want to give up using this power we are free to do so, but complaining about the consequences is only useless and very stupid.

There are worrying signs, however, like the decrease of eros, in the sense of life instinct, survival insinct, defense instinct of our single and social being.

Giving up on self-defense in exchange for a little more comfort and a little less effort is serious. Not becoming informed on what benefits and what harms, stopping at the culture promoted by advertising is the sign of a huge immaturity. Delegating without controlling who we delegate, is also stupid. And the lack of faith in the future at the basis of this "absence", is a lack of faith in ourselves. Which is unjustified. We can do something, we can improve things, we just don't have to give up.

In the end, whether we like it or not, let's remember that we live our life, and no one else can do it for us, and it's always us who pay our accounts.

Marco Dal Negro