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Aladdin's button

Is it dark ? Press a button and you've got light. You don't like this program? Press a button and the problem is solved. Have a headache? Take a pill (it's almost like a button) and the pain goes away.

I would call it Aladdin's button, and it doesn't just grant three wishes: it grants many, almost infinitely! There's no more need to labor. Of course you can mistake a button for another, but, learning buttons is just the least.

The button is comfortable: does, re-does, always does, It's all we need! It's like a slave, and it doesn't eat. Practically, doesn't have needs, doesn't complain, doesn't demand, doesn't get sick, it stays in its place, if they don't move it. It can't leave. It's a dream, in some way it's a bit like a mother. Not the real one, mind you, but, in short, it solves many problems, never makes mistakes. You can count on it!

Surely, we've gotten into some good habits always work less. That's good.

Unfortunately though, in many cases, to obtain results you can't run away from hard labor. Not even from the risk of making mistakes.

If we want to live better, first af all, we must accept the idea that in this case the magic button doesn't exist, nor we can delegate anyone (perhaps to blame in case of our failure). We are the ones who must work hard.

This is one of the first steps to take if we want to live better. If it seems too much, it might mean that we aren't feeling bad enough, or maybe, we don't mind feeling bad after all.

For many people already used to the idea of working hard to achieve something, all this is obvious. But, for many others, especially when talking about themselves, it isn't at all.

Furthermore, assimilating it means hard work. Thinking about the label of "obvious" often given easily, I'd like to invite all not to use it as an alibi, just to avoid something we don't like doing, because it's difficult, demanding work, or simply because it obliges us to admit or accept something we wouldn't want.

Marco Dal Negro